eBook Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Baha'i Publishing's eBooks. We regularly add new titles, both new releases as well as new editions of previously-released print titles. Please be sure to visit BahaiBookstore.com often for our latest eBook offerings!

What am I purchasing?

When you purchase a digital download through BahaiBookstore.com, you are purchasing a license to an electronic version of the book. There are no Digital Rights Management (DRM) restrictions, but International Copyright Law still applies (see "Who owns the purchased eBook?" below).

What eBook formats are available?

When placing your order, you may choose the ePub format (the most commonly used format, which works across various eReaders including, as of August 1, 2021, Amazon's Kindle), the Mobi format (which works across various eReaders, including Kindle), or the PDF format if available (which can be read by Adobe Reader software or other software capable of reading PDF documents). You are responsible for purchasing the format that will work with your designated eReader hardware and/or software, so be sure you know which format will work for you before placing your order. Please see the What software do I need? section below for further information.

Note also that you will not receive a printed book unless you order it as a separate (or bundled) item, if available. You are purchasing the eBook version only.

How do I download my purchased eBook?

Once you purchase your eBook through our website, you can download it instantly. On the final checkout page after your purchase, scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a section listing "Digital Goods." These are your ebooks or audiobooks. Click download next to the product code to download your digital products. 

You may save your book to any directory on your device that you wish, so make sure you make a note of where you save it and how to access it. The eBook file will be named by the product code.

What software do I need?

To read our eBooks on Mac or PC computers, dedicated readers, tablets or other devices you must use the appropriate software for the selected file format. In many instances, the software will already be installed on your device, particularly if it is a dedicated eReader. Otherwise, you may download the software from any of a number of sites that provide such applications. (Please be aware that Adobe Reader will only "read" PDF files; it will not allow you to open or read ePub or mobi files.) Because you will be downloading your eBook to your device, if you wish to read it on any other device, your software must also allow you to transfer ("sideload") or sync your book with your particular device. You will need to follow the instructions as provided by the manufacturer for that software and/or device.

What if I need to download the book again?

You can access your eBook orders anytime through your BahaiBookstore.com website account. Once logged in to your account, select the "Digital Goods" category on the left side of the page. You will see a list of all your eBook or audiobook purchases. Click "Download" next to the product code to download any of your digital products again.

Links to your downloaded books are maintained by the BahaiBookstore.com website in case you delete a file accidentally or your computer crashes. You can download a given title up to nine (9) times. Just click on "DOWNLOAD" to once again initiate the download process.

I received an "error" message during the download process. What do I do now?

Please call our Customer Service Department during our business hours of 8:00AM-5:00PM (CT), Monday through Friday at 1-800-999-9019 or 847-853-7899 or email our Customer Service representatives at bds@usbnc.org. We are eager to assist you!

Can I use my eBook on my tablet and other devices?

Because we make our eBooks available in the most commonly accepted file formats, you will certainly be able to use your eBook on a tablet or other device. Please ensure  you download the correct format for your device and have the ability to transfer or sync it with your particular device. Please check with your manufacturer for acceptable formats and transfer process.

Due to the increasingly wide range of mobile reading devices and applications, we cannot guarantee that our eBook files will behave as expected on any particular mobile device version or configuration.

Who owns the purchased eBook?

Each time you purchase a download via BahaiBookstore.com, the file is licensed solely to you. You are purchasing a single copy that is for your use only and may not be shared. It is illegal to email the file to another person. It is illegal to post these files with another website. All eBooks and downloads sold via BahaiBookstore.com are protected by International Copyright Law. Please refer to the legal page within the download for more information. By purchasing any eBooks through BahaiBookstore.com, you acknowledge the existing copyright holder rights and you further agree not to copy or distribute the downloaded file.