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Established by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States at the instruction of Shoghi Effendi in 1955, the U.S. Bahá’í Publishing Trust (BPT) is a nonprofit business that functions under the aegis of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of the United States and receives its charter, as well as general and specific guidance, from the Universal House of Justice.

Publications are issued under three imprints:

Bahá’í Publishing

Bahá’í Publishing is the trade imprint under which books intended primarily for the adult general public are published. Sacred texts, authoritative texts, and works intended primarily for Bahá’ís are published under this imprint.

Also, we are interested in manuscripts that take a fresh approach to deepening Bahá’ís’ knowledge and understanding of the writings, teachings, or history of the Faith; supporting or enhancing the core activities of the Nine Year Plan; influencing the life of society and strengthening Bahá’í communities and institutions; or applying Bahá’í teachings and principles in daily life.

The imprint also aims to reach beyond the Bahá’í community and provide books to the general public through our trade publishing program. Books selected as trade titles are distributed and marketed to the general public through industry channels. Subject categories of interest include religion, inspiration, and spirituality for a general audience. Manuscripts that introduce Bahá’í writings and teachings to the general public in new, innovative, and unconventional ways or explore from a Bahá’í perspective subjects related to spiritual transformation, social or global issues influencing the life of society, and practical applications of Bahá’í principles are considered.

Bellwood Press

Bellwood Press is our imprint for  children’s books. Included are original fiction and nonfiction manuscripts for children, junior youth, and youth. Creative books to educate young people about Bahá’í teachings and history, to reinforce Bahá’í identity, and to support individual spiritual development and the practical application of Bahá’í principles in daily life are considered.  Manuscripts targeted for junior youth on the importance of building strong and loving communities in our neighborhood, inspiring tales focused on the need for moral guidance and progress, and the spiritual experience from diverse characters and voices are included in this imprint.

One Voice Press

One Voice Press is a trade imprint for titles less directly associated with the Faith. Titles that inspire readers to begin to understand some of the increasingly complex issues that surround global injustices and the denial of human rights such as poverty, inequality, racism, etc., based on virtues and Bahá’í teachings. Similar to the Bahá’í Publishing imprint, One Voice Press caters to an adult general audience with a focus on spirituality, religion, and personal and societal transformation.

Manuscript Submissions

It is our preference to receive a completed manuscript rather than a proposal. If you wish to submit a proposal, you may do so; however, a decision regarding whether or not your project is accepted for publication is unlikely to be made until a complete manuscript has been received and evaluated. All manuscripts should be submitted electronically. Our preferred format is a Microsoft Word file, double-spaced in 12-point type. You can submit a manuscript either by emailing it as an attachment to or by visiting and following the upload instructions.



Our MISSION is to provide sacred texts and authoritative Writings of the Bahá'í Faith and other Bahá'í literature and selected materials to the greatest possible number of souls. We are a spiritual enterprise that diffuses the word of God and in carrying out its mission, the Bahá’í Publishing Trust operates according to Bahá’í principles and in accord with guidance provided by its governing institutions.


Bahá’í Distribution Service

Bahá’í Distribution Service (BDS) is an arm of the Bahá’í Publishing Trust and serves members of the Bahá’í community, as well as public both domestic and overseas, through our two online stores – and – where our customers can today choose from thousands of print and eBook titles (including many free) in various world languages, as well as digital media in a variety of formats.

BDS does purchase a wide range of material from third-party publishers or self-publishers, related to the Bahá’íFaith: books on Bahá’í history, Bahá’í teaching materials, Bahá’í studies and deepening, Bahá’í perspective on social and world issues, compilations from the Bahá’í Writings, Bahá’í children’s books, etc. 

BDS also purchases general topic books inspired by or related to the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith: interfaith resources, social and world issues, self-help, history, material on relationships/family/community life, fiction, children’s material, art and creativity, etc. 

The BDS primary inventory consists of: books, CDs, DVDs, Introductory pamphlets, Ruhi Institute materials, calendars, and burial rings. CDs and DVDs will be reviewed for its contents before accepting for sale. 

BDS also maintains a limited selection of Bahá’í-inspired greeting cards, games, and artwork. BDS will not stock Bahá’í jewelry (other than burial rings), decorations, posters, clothing, bags and other accessories, stickers, magnets, writing utensils, etc. 

The following are the requirements.

All products (books, music, video, etc.), prior to being distributed by BDS, must be reviewed, and checked by the Purchasing Coordinator for compliance with our purchasing guidelines, which are:

  • Bahá’í Faith must be represented accurately and in a dignified manner.

  • Must go through the review process established by the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States.

  • If vendors live outside the United States, they must go through the review process established in their respective country.

  • Approval letters should be kept on file at BDS

  • Queries regarding reviewing new products should be directed to

The standard discount is that BDS purchases items from vendors at a 50% discount. This can be reviewed on special cases. Any changes to the structure must receive prior approval from the General Manager.

BDS generally pays shipping costs within the United States, which need to be approved by BDS before shipment is made. Vendors outside of the United States need to pay their own shipping cost to our warehouse in the state of Illinois.

BDS does not pay for items that are lost or damaged during shipping.

BDS will pay vendor’s invoice within 30 days of receiving the shipment.

BDS accepts certain items on consignment basis. The terms of these items will be reviewed and established by the Purchasing Coordinator. BDS reserves the right to return unsold items.

BDS will absorb the cost of storage at our warehouse and handle all marketing communications activities (social media, e-mail communications, TAB magazine, website) and distribution within United States and overseas.

For further inquiries:

Please send e-mail to


Our Team

We have a core group of dedicated, experienced professionals on staff and available as consultants across editorial, purchasing, business management, marketing and customer service operations.

Our experienced marketing staff and customer service representatives provide digital media (music, audiobooks and video) for instant download to customers through our website, while dedicated customer service representatives sell books, eBooks, audiobooks, CDs, DVDs, gifts and other items through our website.

Our team is available for receiving orders and inquiries from customers by telephone Monday through Friday during regular business hours (except for Bahá’í Holy Days and official holidays), as well as accept online orders around the clock every day of the year.

We have an efficient, local distribution operation through a third-party provider to ship products worldwide.

Our team operates an exclusive network system that links ordering, shipping, and accounting procedures to Finances and websites.

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General Manager: Nat Yogachandra

Chief Financial Officer: Elizabeth Fletcher