Collaboration through Consultation

A Powerful Tool for Building Community
  • Author: Sara DeHoff
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The world is facing multiple, overlapping crises at every scale—local, national, and global. How do we begin to untangle these problems when everyone has a different opinion? How do we integrate such divergent viewpoints and work together to create lasting solutions? Consultation is a powerful tool for group collaboration. It welcomes and draws on diverse points of view to seek out the truth of an issue, develop a shared understanding of the situation, and forge a collective course of action for the benefit of all parties.

Grounded in the fundamental principle of oneness—that we are one people, one human race, one human family—consultation is an effective means of problem solving at all levels, from families to businesses to international bodies and everything in between. This book offers an introduction to consultation as well as practical steps and questions for readers to begin integrating the principle of consultation into their lives.

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Review by Delaram on 3/3/2020

Excellent book by Sara DeHoff.

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